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Eating to Keep it Beating

  • The Trampery 239 Old Street London, England, EC1V 9EY United Kingdom (map)


When we're young, it’s easy to take our heart health for granted. Our heart is the centre of our cardiovascular system and is vitally responsible for just about everything that gives us life. We think of heart disease as being a problem for older, inactive men with high blood pressure. However, it can strike at any time, without warning and can affect anybody, male or female, old or young. It doesn’t discriminate. Ladies, we’re not immune! 

Interestingly, although heart disease is one of the biggest killers in the UK, many of its risk factors can be modified. The foods we eat can dramatically affect our heart’s overall health. The Rooted Project are really excited to link up with the nation’s heart charity and the largest independent funder of cardiovascular research, the British Heart Foundation (BHF).

We’re bringing together a panel of nutrition experts, plus a consultant cardiologist with research interests focusing on atherosclerosis, to talk about all the things you can do to keep your heart ticking smoothly. From looking at the healthiest populations around the world who’ve got this nailed, to tackling mixed messages surrounding coconut oil, eggs and saturated fat, we’ll be cutting through the confusion and busting some myths. Plus, we’ll have an exciting goody bag, a free drink and 100% of the profits will go towards helping the BHF continue the important work they do.


Dr Ramzi Khamis @rkhamis. Dr Ramzi Khamis is a consultant cardiologist at the Hammersmith Hospital and British Heart Foundation researcher at Imperial College London. He and his research team work on linking the immune system and its role in the body’s inbuilt protection from heart attacks and atherosclerosis, the accumulation of fatty deposits in the walls of arteries. He also works with charities developing heart attack services in developing countries. 

Catherine Collins @RD_Catherine. Catherine qualified as a dietitian from Leeds in 1983, and has combined a varied career ranging from intensive care nutrition to rheumatology and print and broadcast media, along the way co-authoring a book on cholesterol lowering. As a Dietitian she's also a foodie, but intolerant of mint sauce, liver and celebrities who insist on sharing their ignorance on diet as 'fact'. She's fascinated with how social media has helped share nutrition information.

Dr Duane Mellor @DrDuaneRD. Dr Duane Mellor is a dietitian with a PhD investigating the effects of polyphenol-rich chocolate in heart disease. He has had experience working in type 2 diabetes management and is currently a lecturer at the University of Coventry. Duane is now increasingly interested in challenging how nutrition is communicated to the public or media and the quality of the evidence behind these messages.

Dr Tom Butler @drtom_butler. Dr Tom Butler is a registered dietitian and nutritionist who lectures at Manchester Metropolitan University. His PhD showed that a combination of high dietary fat and sugar provides a toxic mix of fuel for the heart, worsening its function. Tom is an international review panel member for the Practice-based evidence and regularly speaks at cardiac support groups. His current research interests include dietary patterns in relation to heart health, and the role of nutrition in the management of heart failure. 



Earlier Event: 30 March
Later Event: 1 November