The Rooted Project



To make our events possible, we may occasionally work with sponsors. It’s important to us that you know how these relationships work, so you can have confidence in the information you receive at our events. As Registered Dietitians we have been trained to translate the science of nutrition into reliable and practical dietary advice.  We are also externally regulated and required by law to abide by a strict code of conduct.  This means we must provide nutrition information which is scientifically sound, ethically presented and free from bias. These principles also guide the way that we work at The Rooted Project.


As part of this, The Rooted Projectwill only work with companies which we think would be of interest to you and which we feel align with our values to behave and work in an ethical way. Sponsors may be in attendance at our events to promote their product/services.  However, their presence is for your information and interest only and is not an endorsement of their product or service over similar ones on the market.


We will always disclose any sponsor relationships. Any information provided by The Rooted Project about a sponsors products or services will be presented in a balanced an ethical way and will always distinguish between personal opinion and scientific fact. Sponsors have NO SAY on the content of the evening and NO INFLUENCE on our choice of speakers at the event. Typical things sponsorship money might go towards are: venue hire, speaker fees, advertising and filming costs.

If speakers do a have a personal or professional relationship with an event sponsor, they will be required to declare this before their presentation. Sponsors will not be allowed to present to the audience, however, audience members may approach and speak with sponsors who are present at our event if you wish. Any paid for exposure of a company via our social media channels will be clearly marked with #Spon or #Sponsored

Of course, if you have any questions about a sponsorship agreement or a query about information presented by The Rooted Project, please get in touch.