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GUT by Giulia Enders

Thank you for joining us on Sunday 26th for our first book club. To catch up on our discussion, click here for our Storify. 

Book club questions

1) Sum up GUT in three words!

2) If any, what dietary habits have you changed from reading this book? 

3) What evidence does the author use to support the book's ideas? Does the author depend on personal opinion and observation? Or is the evidence factual - based on science? 

4) Did you question the evidence-base in any part of the book? Why? 

5) Share the fact you found most interesting! 

6) If you're a health professional, will you use any of the book's analogies in you practice? 

7) If the author was re-editing this book, are there any aspect of gut health you think she'd add in? 

8) If you're a health professional, share your three top tips for gut health. 




Later Event: July 2